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How can leaders practise new behaviors when everyone is watching their every move? This dilemma has long challenged leaders and those who advise them. Changing behavior is no simple    task - no matter how committed leaders are to the new state - because they live in an organizational  fishbowl: everyone is watching them carefully and missteps are met with cynicism. How can they safely  experiment with, and move toward, internalizing new behaviors? How can they get honest, constructive  feedback to learn how their behavior is impacting others? To create a breakthrough, leaders need a supportive environment in which to grow, learn, and hear  honest feedback. In the past 18 months, we have developed a process to foster that environment - with  remarkable results to date. It goes by the simple name of Pod. Creating the Pod Pod is not an acronym. Rather, the word describes a small group that comes together to support the leader on her or his learning journey. (Think of peas in a pod!)

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