Navigating Social-Group Identity in the Coaching Relationship Part 3

Integrating the Fifth Domain into Coaching Practice and Training Programs

Over the years, coaches who have attended our workshops and conference presentations have quickly embraced the notion of a competency gap between the coaching training they have received and what the field of Applied Behavioral Science (ABS) is presently calling on coaches to support.  Realizing - often for the first time - that they may not be equipped with the training necessary to support all clients equitably, most of the coaches introduced to the Fifth Domain Coaching model are compelled to learn more. They have requested tools, frameworks, and hands-on experiential development to help them fill the gap in this competency area.  This article, the third and final of the series, is intended to help coaches expand their awareness and develop the competencies needed to access the Fifth Domain in their coaching practice.  It will also call on the coaching ecosystem (credentialing bodies, coach-training programs, coaching associations, and communities of practice etc as well as coaches) to make visible the ways in which the field has operated with ‘social blinders’ as it relates to the coaching profession. 

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