Understanding and Using System Energy

In this article, we are interested in exploring questions such as: What is the nature of system energy, and what does it mean to use or work with it? What are the competencies involved in working with system energy, and how does one go about developing them? Where would Use of Self be located in a competency framework organized around using system energy? Finally , how is the learning and development that results from experiencing oneself as a member of a flat-structured, egalitarian group unique? THE NATURE OF SYSTEM ENERGY System energy is a physical - not metaphysical - phenomenon. While “real” in the physical sense, it is generally not visible to the unassisted human eye although Kirlian photography is one technology that does purport to capture the electromagnetic field, or aura, of living organisms, thus rendering the “system energy” generated by a human being visible. Our concept of system is one that seems to be commonly understood among many OD practitioners.

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