Kathleen Brown

My professional career took me to relatively high levels of leadership in my particular fields.  I am so passionate about Black women-leaders that I wrote my doctoral dissertation on 19th-century Black women writers who grew to adulthood enslaved, and their journey to leadership despite the oppression they experienced.  At the University of California, San Francisco, I also founded two programs for women: The Women’s Leadership Symposium and Strategies for Success for Women of Color.

I have a long history of leading T-Groups (small group self-awareness and communication training) through the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University and NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science and founded T-Groups for people of Black African descent, for Black Women, and for Women of Color.  I specialize in facilitating conversations of authenticity, depth, and integrity, that open up new possibilities (both inner and outer) for participants.

My current work centers on Black Women-Leaders, self-care, and Black women bringing our full selves to what we do.

email: Kathleen@fullyyou.com