Rune Kvist Olsen

Rune Kvist Olsen is a designer in the structuring of power and work in organisational life, and an inventor of concepts revealing the relationship between Leading-ship as a management model for leading oneself together with others, and Leadership as a model for leading someone below and being led by someone above. He is also a lecturer and facilitator of courses and workshops. His Workshop Conceptual Exposition with an extensive set of displayed text posters together with training exercises, plays a significant role in illustrating and illuminating the relationship between Vertical Relationships versus Horizontal Relationships at work. His vision of Humanology is expressed through the practical application of Leading-ship for Everyone versus Leadership for Someone. Kvist Olsen has lectured at educational institutions and academic programmes, and monitored and facilitated organisational projects on the transition of power from the few to the many within the public and corporate sectors. He is educated in Social Science from the University of Tromsø, Norway.